1. Open Chrome's extension page (chrome://extensions/) and turn on Developer mode on top of the page.

2. Open extension's option page (chrome-extension://ldjbglicecgnpkpdhpbogkednmmbebec/config.html), check on "Debug Mode" at the bottom of the page, and save.

3. Right click on the extension icon and select "Inspect Popup" - it will open developer tool so please open Console tab.

4. You should see some debug logs there.

Please expand the "response > details > (as far as you can go)" and take the screenshot of what's shown in the console.

5. Re-open (or reload if it is already opened) extension's option page (chrome-extension://ldjbglicecgnpkpdhpbogkednmmbebec/config.html).

Right click anywhere within the page and select "Inspect" in the context menu.

6. Developer tool should be opened.

Please go to Console tab.

7. You should see some logs in the console.

Please expand the "Object > response > details > (as far as you can go) and take another screenshot of what's shown in the console

8. You have now taken 2 screenshots which should help me investigate further of license activation issue. You may now turn off the Developer mode at chrome://extensions/, and debug mode from extension's option page (chrome-extension://ldjbglicecgnpkpdhpbogkednmmbebec/config.html).