Force.com LOGINS is a Chrome browser extension that helps you manage your salesforce.com login credentials and login quickly.

This extension is designed with extensive aim of making your login action as quick and effective as possible.

If you have multiple salesforce.com login accounts to manage, and you often need to switch between those accounts, then this extension could be a good help for you.

Main Features

  • One click login width new tab, new window, and new incognito window
  • Address bar login shortcut (type in "sf{space} " in Chrome browser's address bar)
  • Auto redirect to specific page after login
  • Security token management and password encryption
  • Supports production, sandbox, prerelease, and custom login domain
  • Sync data between Chrome browsers on multiple devices
  • Automatic data backup to your Google Drive

and lots more handy features...

Language Support

The main interface is provided in English and Japanese.

The option page is only in English.